Us and Them: “Israel”

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Date: May 4, 2017
Time: 14:00 – 15:30
Location: Library- Room number 5, Ruppin Academic Centre, Emek Hefer

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With greetings by Deborah Lyons, Ambassador of Canada to Israel

Professor Sabar’s talk is being recorded as part of “Us and Them: Diversity, Division, and a World of Difference.” This is an international speakers’ series looking at the realities, challenges, and hopes of diversity in five diverse nations around the world. It’s a co-production of Canada’s Laurier Institution and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio program “Ideas with Paul Kennedy,” and will be broadcast and available online in late June.

Galia Sabar, president of the Ruppin Academic Center, former head of African Studies at Tel Aviv University, is a leading scholar in Israel. For the past 25 years her work has focused on four main themes: Ethiopian Jews (in Ethiopia and Israel); World Migrations with special emphasis on African migrants and refugees; Socio-political factors affecting HIV\AIDS prevention education in East Africa and the relation between religion and politics in Africa. Her publications include five books, two edited volumes and 38 articles in academic journals.

Parallel to her role as a scientist Galia is an activist in several Israeli and international NGO’s including Jerusalem AIDS Project; Hotline for Migrants and Refugees, IRAC, Israel Religious Action Center and NALA – fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases. For her work that combines academic excellence and social action she received in 2009 the Unsung Heroes Award, granted by the Dalai Lama. In 2015 she was awarded by the Mayor of Tel Aviv a special prize for her international development efforts.