Gwen Gnazdowsky

Gwen Gnazdowsky, founder of “ONE Conversation Coaching & Facilitation” has been helping people resolve issues and achieve personal, professional and relationship goals, One Conversation at a time for over 25 years. She has mentored and coached thousands of people, helping them to empower themselves and to transform their lives. Her public-speaking engagements include a Ted Talk called “Happiness is a Paradigm Shift” for TEDxBCIT; she was the Speaker Coach for TEDxECUAD. 

Gwen has also taught Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness Training, Communication Skills and Public Speaking Courses at Langara College and Vancouver School Board. She was the National Mentorship Program Developer and Coordinator for two cohorts at the Women in Leadership Foundation. Gwen has designed and delivered workshops for a number of clients including: British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT), for Human-Resources Management Association (HRMA), Certified Management Accountant Association, (CPA), University of British Columbia (UBC) Anthropology Students, Canadian Women in Science and Technology, (SCWIST), Crofton House School, the YMCA and YWCA. 

Gwen is honoured to be a Co-Chair of The Laurier Institution, supporting her mission of moving the dial on inclusion, respect, peace and diversity. She began her career in Social Services and as a Life Skills Coach, she worked with people in crisis, especially Youth at Risk and their families.