Dr. Tracy R. Ames

Dr. Tracy R. Ames has a great deal of experience with non-profits boards, both as the executive director of several non-profit agencies (10 yrs.) and as a volunteer lay leader with over a dozen organizations for several decades. Working as a professional with volunteer boards and as a volunteer board and executive member in the capacity as committee chair, secretary, vice-president, and co-president Tracy has extensive knowledge regarding many types of board governance, management and overall board practices. Tracy currently serve as a board member of five non-profit organizations, and as the vice-president of another organization. The Multi Faith Council of British Columbia is one of the boards she is currently a member of.

Following the completion of a PhD at the University of British Columbia in 2013, in the department of Near East, Classical and Religious Studies, with the supervision of Dr. Robert Daum, Tracy has been on the faculty of the Vancouver School of Theology and is currently a Research Associate at VST concentrating on her areas of research interest. Tracy has lectured and presented her research at conferences and has published journal articles, and an upcoming chapter of a book she is writing is being published.

Tracy began her career as a radio broadcaster and television/video producer, writer, director and on-air person.