Us and Them “South Africa”

“Us and Them: Diversity, Division and a World of Difference”

A Public Lecture

with Sisonke Msimang

The Laurier Institution and the Canadian Embassy in South Africa are pleased to invite you to a public lecture by renowned writer and thinker, Sisonke Msimang.

Her talk is part of a five-part international lecture series entitled “Us and Them:

  • Diversity, Division and a World of Difference”, and is produced by the Canadian
  • Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), in partnership with the Laurier Institution (a Canadian national non-profit).

The lectures are delivered by prominent academics, public intellectuals and media personalities in Germany, Israel, India, South Africa and Canada. They are recorded on site by the CBC Radio program “Ideas” for later broadcast at the end of June 2017, immediately prior to the 150th birthday of the country on July 1.

The CBC is Canada’s national public broadcaster, and “Ideas” is its premiere program of contemporary thought. A multi-award winning program, it’s broadcast across Canada and has listeners around the world.

Registration Info

Date: April 12, 2017

Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Location: The Women’s Jail
Constitution Hill
11 Kotze Street

Us and Them: Diversity, Division and a World of Difference” A Public Lectur…

by The Laurier Institution
Free Event

The world is facing unprecedented levels of migration and mounting political discontent. Fundamentalisms and nationalisms are on the rise, and with them, an upsurge of intolerant attitudes towards minorities. Against this background, the ideal of diversity is under intense pressure. Now, perhaps more than ever, they way we view and treat “the other” is increasingly a matter of life and death. So where does the principle of diversity fit in? How do we accommodate others while maintaining our sense of social cohesion?

A captivating speaker and thought-provoking writer, Sisonke Msimang looks hard at the fault lines in the stories nations tell themselves, with the ultimate of building more equitable societies.