Did you attend a recent lecture and would like to share what you learned? Perhaps you missed a previous lecture or would like to listen to a particular lecture again. Our co-presented lectures are available as digital podcasts. Simply select a lecture from our archive below and press “play” for immediate listening or download the podcast as a digital file. If you encounter any difficulties accessing a podcast, please contact us

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

2013 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture – Human Rights and Today’s Aboriginal Children and Youth

Mr. Bob Watts

2012 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture – Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Aboriginal Rights

Farzana Hassan

2011 Multiculturalism – Is the Hijab a Symbol of Religious Expression

Ethan Zuckerman

2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture – Cute Cats and The Arab Spring

Wayson Choy

2010 Multiculturalism – Navigating Multicultural Realities

Sima Samar

2010 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture – How the West Can Support Human Rights in Other Parts of The World

John Ralston Saul

2009 Multiculturalism – The Missing Conversation

Dr. Will Kymlicka

2008 Multiculturalism – The Three Lives of Multiculturalism

Karim H. Karim

2007 Multiculturalism – Does It Actually Exist

Dr. Leonie Sandercock

2006 Multiculturalism – Is Multiculturalism the Solution or the Problem

Dr. Roy Miki

2005 Multiculturalism – Dealing with Past Injustices

Mina Shum

2004 Multiculturalism – Journey of a Hyphenated Girl