Eunhye Lee

Eunhye Lee is a practitioner of dialogue and engagement, specializing in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI), and peacebuilding. Her passion lies in exploring the intersections of human rights, culture, relationality, conflict, and peace. She possesses a professional background in collaborating with diverse stakeholders within government, international organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions to drive positive change. Eunhye also draws upon her experience from the corporate communication and digital public relations sectors, which adds a unique perspective to her work in fostering understanding, reconciliation, and peace across various sectors and contexts.

She has managed multi-stakeholder dialogues on a range of topics, including Women, Peace, and Security, climate change, reconciliation, democratic reform, racism, and equity in public engagement. In 2021, she co-led an award-winning research project titled “Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement.” Most recently, she collaborated with UNHCR, analyzing key policy developments within the human rights framework for the refugee mandate. Additionally, she worked with UNHCR Brazil to consider meaningful communication strategies for refugees. In 2018, she participated in the WomenPeaceKorea delegation to advocate for the inclusion of women in the Korean peace process, alongside Nobel Peace Laureates and 30 women representing international peace organizations.

Eunhye holds a Master of Global Affairs from the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies—an internationally renowned center for peace research. She received a Kroc Institute Fellowship and a Belatti Family Global Affairs Fellowship for her studies. She also earned her BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University.