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Message From The Board Chair

The Laurier Institution aims to shift from solutions that meet the needs of the few to those that meet the needs of the many. We draw from our differences and actively involve everyone’s ideas, knowledge, lived experiences, and perspectives to foster safe and thriving communities.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization operating from Vancouver, BC on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, we envision a world where diversity is valued and everyone is included.

We work with partners to ignite collaboration, deepen shared learning, and inspire action around equity, diversity and inclusion. More than 30 years after local changemakers founded The Laurier Institution as a national charity in 1989, we continue to be inspired by our members, former and current directors and staff, and by generous donors, sponsors and project-based funders. We welcome inquiries about potential collaborations and other opportunities aligned with our mission and values.

Mohsina Ahmed

Avtar Bains

Andrew Bak

George Battye

John Bell

Don Black

Jack Blaney

Dallas Brodie

Barbara Brink

Tung Chan

Clarence Cheng

Kathleen Cheng

Winnie Cheung

Meg Clarke

Malcolm Clay

Maurice Copithorne

Founding Member

Nizar and Maryam Damji

Fabian Dawson

Shushma Datt

Marie Decaire

Bruce Dewar

Herb Dhaliwal

Herb Doman

Kyla Epstein

Sidney Fattedad

Marguerite Ford

Hon. John Fraser

Robert Fung

Arun Garg

Danny Gaw

David Gillanders

Ken Georgetti

Founding Member

Naveen Girn

Pamela Glass

Martin Glynn

Gwen Gnazdowsky

Ian Haysom

Ken Higgins

Nicholas Hills

Doug Horswell

Ciprian Jauca

Gavin Jones

Past Co-Chair

Sharad Kharé

Judi Korbin

Andy Krawczyk

Orest Kruhlak

Founding Member

Roslyn Kunin

Eugene Kwan

Philip Lau

Imogene Lim

Anne Lippert

Les Little

Mason Loh

Yipeng Ben Lu

Peter Lusztig

Graeme MacDonald

Peter Maddocks

Sharon Manson-Singer

Joe Mathias

Nurjehan Mawani

Jim Mayhew

Isaac Madvhani

Ken McAteer

Robert McGlashen

Marjorie Miller

John Minichiello

Keith Mitchell

Nadir Mohamed

Nazir Mulji

Ginger Gosnell Myers

Bev Nann

Founding Member

Katrin Newel

Avtar Bains

Tamara Pearl

Dale Peniuk

Trudy Pekarsky

Sophie Pierre

Tim Pringle

Bob Quart

Calvin Quong

Jennifer Reddy

Farid Rohani

Past Chairman

Lucy Roschat

Suzanne Rutherford

William Saywell

Paul D. Smith

Charlie Smith

Charmaine So

Ali Solehdin

John Stubbs

Emma Tang

Carole Taylor

Founding Member​

Marie Taylor

Al Thompson

Felix Ts’o

Founding Member

Wilf Vacheresse

Farouk Verjee

Margaret Vickers

John Weir

Jim White

Jim Winton

Sandra Wilking

Kory Wilson

Bryan Williams

Founding Member

Devon Wong

Past Co-Chair

Milton K. Wong

Past Chairman

Warren Wong

Bruce Woolley

Peter Wypkema

Debbie Yan

Helen Zhou

In Recognition and Appreciation

Dr. Roslyn Kunin, O.C., O.BC.

Founding Executive Director

Don Black

Past Executive Director

Farid Rohani

Past Executive Director

Wendy Ma

Past Acting Administrative Manager