Reconciliation in South Africa: Has it Succeeded?

  In this year’s Vancouver Human Rights lecture Richard Goldstone discusses the successes and failures of reconciliation in post-Apartheid South Africa. After the racial oppression of the majority of South Africans by a white minority for almost 350 years, Apartheid came to a relatively peaceful end in 1994, with Nelson Mandela as


Beyond Human Rights: Building a World on Empathy

2014 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Faced with fragmented identities and widespread atrocities, human rights ideals have come to occupy a central place in our conception of the core values underlying a just global order. They represent the secular equivalent of the sacred, unimpeachable values that transcend diverse cultures and beliefs, and provide


Human Rights and Today’s Aboriginal Children and Youth

2013 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Series. In the 2013 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond covered a range of topics including a description of living conditions and statistics on Aboriginal children in BC, and how we might go about addressing these unacceptable statistics. She will discuss recent work of the Representative’s


Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Aboriginal Rights

2012 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Series. We were very proud to present 2012 lecturer Mr. Bob Watts who led the process, with support from across Canada and internationally to establish Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is examining and will make recommendations regarding the Indian Residential School era and its legacy. Bob


How the West Can Support Human Rights in Other Parts of the World

2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Series Afghan physician Sima Samar (born 1957) has been internationally recognized for her human rights activism, especially on behalf of Afghan women, when she was appointed one of five deputy prime ministers in Afghanistan’s new government in December of 2001. The appointment as women’s affairs minister was


Cute Cats and the Arab Spring

2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture Series The Laurier Institution was proud to present 2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture, in partnership with Yahoo!, UBC Continuing Studies and CBC. We were happy to welcome Ethan Zuckerman whose lecture was titled “Cute Cats and the Arab Spring: when social media meet social change”. THE THEME