Jennifer Reddy

Currently, Jennifer Reddy is the Associate Director of SFU’s Leadership and Community Building Programs. “Like many others, I am working towards an inclusive world where people are engaged as valuable and deserving individuals, who can use their agency to lead the changes they wish to see. As a child of immigrant parents, I am forever in awe of the capabilities of individuals to adapt and re-define themselves. Because of this, I believe that it is within the power of each of us to initiate creative and long-lasting change that benefits us all. I am fortunate to hold a Masters in Social Policy and Development, a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and Economics, a Certificate in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design, and Inclusive Leadership Training. Using this education, it is my aim to engage in meaningful dialogue, and encourage the development of ideas that result in creative solutions to complex issues. As program coordinator, volunteer, youth worker, and researcher I work with the best and brightest talent.

From SFU, Vancouver School Board, the Canadian Red Cross, the Centre for Democratic Development in Ghana, Krypa and Manavya in India, I have been inspired by global examples of leadership in social change. Together, we ask ourselves if we are being relevant and effective and if our work is being informed by those we wish to support. I look forward to the future for opportunities to learn from and contribute to the efforts of individuals and communities that drive global leadership and innovation in social change.”

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