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December 4, 2012
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June 13, 2013
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Milton K. Wong Lecture 

Karim H. Karim is the Director of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University. His book, Islamic Peril: Media and Global Violence has been critically acclaimed and won the inaugural Robinson Book Prize of the Canadian Communication Association.

Dr. Karim has published numerous articles, including Nation and Diaspora: Rethinking Multiculturalism in a Transnational Context; International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics; Re-viewing the “National” in “International Communication”: Through the Lens of Diaspora; Journal of International Communication; The Multiculturalism Debate in Canadian Newspapers: The Harbinger of a Political Storm? Journal of International Migration; Media and Diaspora; In Eoin Devereux (ed.), Media Studies: Key Issues and Debates (forthcoming); American Media’s Coverage of Muslims: The Historical Roots of Contemporary Portrayals; In E. Poole and J. E. Richardson (Eds.), Muslims and the News Media; Globalization, Transnational Communication and Diaspora; In P. Attallah and L. Shade (Eds.), Mediascapes; and The Elusiveness of Full Citizenship: Cultural Capital, Cultural Competencies and Cultural Pluralism; In Caroline Andrew, Monica Gattinger, Sharon Jeannotte and Will Straw (Eds.), Accounting for Culture.

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