Vancouver Immigration Summit: Reducing Poverty for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Vancouver Immigration Summit provided an opportunity for refugees, asylum seekers, policy makers and community groups to identify the multiple barriers facing refugees and asylum seekers living in poverty and propose actions to inform the three levels of government in developing strategies for poverty reduction.
Underlying the summit design were several principles which aimed to place a strong focus on equity and recognized that social determinants of health, intersectionality and stigmatization played a significant role in the lives of those experiencing poverty.

Through a panel, videos and roundtable discussions, the voices of those with lived experience were placed front and centre. Dialogue sessions were intended to tap into the resiliency, strength and talents of those with lived experience and uncover the unique factors or barriers which contributed to poverty among refugees and asylum seekers.

Following the summit, a working group will be formed to continue work on the recommendations from this summit.

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