Join us for the 2023 AGM on November 13

The Laurier Institution’s Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Monday, November 13 @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM PST via Zoom. We have a number of updates to share, including an exciting multi-year project that the Laurier Institution has recently joined in with Fulbright Canada.


How I deepened my understanding of the importance of inclusion

A simple perspective on a complex topic By: Jonas Kuehnle, Operations Intern Inclusion is without a doubt a very important topic in modern Canadian society as well as in the political landscape. With various Bills concerning equity and inclusion of various minorities having been passed in the last couple of years and


International Women’s Day, Autism, and Gender Diversity

by Terri Hopkinson This article was originally posted at AutismBC is a small, non-profit and registered charity that encourages the inclusion and acceptance of the entire autism community of BC. For more resources and stories about autism, visit   A brief history of International Women’s Day International Women’s Day (IWD) began in 1911

Vancouver skyline with British Properties in background, the topic of the latest In Conversation

(Recap) In Conversation: Racist Property Covenants

By: Terri Hopkinson, a Laurier Institution Blog Contributor On September 23, The Laurier Institution hosted the second event in their 2021 “In Conversation” series. This series engages audiences in conversations on local, regional, and national topics regarding equity and justice. The topics are informed by current events, “wicked problems,” partnerships, and community needs.


Warren Wong: Board Member Memo

By: James Matthews, a Laurier Institution Blog Contributor “My first love was the film industry. I was fortunate to attend one of the newest high schools in Vancouver at the time and we had a TV studio,” Warren Wong shares during our (virtual) walk down memory lane. Instead, it was a different


Protecting Old-Growth and Indigenous Knowledge

By: Isabelle Vauclair, a Laurier Institution Blog Contributor Last month, more than one hundred politicians, celebrities, and citizens alike signed an open letter to Premier Horgan calling on him to save at-risk old-growth trees in B.C. Pressure for government intervention continues to increase as climate conditions worsen globally. From record-breaking floods in

Robert Daum

Robert Daum: Board Member Memo

By: James Matthews, a Laurier Institution Blog Contributor Robert’s family history lies at the middle of the great bagel debate: Montreal versus New York. Much to my chagrin, as someone obsessed with carbs, Robert didn’t bite when I pressed him on this topic. But Robert made up for that in spades throughout


Seniors and Mental Health

By: Isabelle Vauclair, a Laurier Institution Blog Contributor Discussions around mental health have come a long way in terms of inclusion and acceptance. Even communities with strong stigmas around mental health and illness are reconsidering their approaches. Around the globe, medical professionals, educators, and advocates alike have made efforts to broaden the